On Your iPhone or Mac, this is the best way to edit audio

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techno.rentetan.com – Just a few minutes will enough for a short trim. The process of trimming audio on an iPhone is shockingly difficult, although it is a very straightforward one on a Mac. While the QuickTime app has a specialized audio cutting tool, the iPhone and iPad do not. Yes, there’s a Voice Memos software integrated into the phone, however it doesn’t allow you to modify audio recordings stored elsewhere. Even so, using the Audio Trimmer program, you can still trim an audio clip in only a few minutes.

Using the Audio Trimmer app, here’s how to trim audio on an iPhone

If you’re searching for an iPhone app that’s simply for reducing audio, try Audio Trimmer, an app that’s modeled after Voice Memos. As of this writing, it is a free app; however, it will soon be a commercial app.

An easy-to-use app is what you get: Select an audio file from your phone’s storage and use the Yellow bars to cut (or decrease) the length of it. An altered version of the audio file is immediately saved in the same directory as the original when you choose “Trim.”.

The QuickTime program for Mac has a built-in feature for trimming audio

If you’re using a Mac, the built-in QuickTime player will do the trick. You may pick “QuickTime Player” from the “Open With” option in the Finder program after finding the audio file there.

Select “Trim” (command + T keyboard shortcut) in QuickTime’s “Edit” section to remove unwanted parts of the audio. You may now trim the audio using the Yellow handlebar symbols. To save the reduced audio back to the Finder app, click to File > Save.