Instagram may now be purchased for a fee

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Screenshot: Instagram – Instagram’s most popular users will soon be allowed to charge you for access to their private Stories memberships. In a step that appeared preordained from the moment Facebook (now calling itself Meta) purchased the photo-sharing app, popular Instagrammers may now charge you money to access their photos.

For the first time ever, Instagram is testing subscriptions with a select few “creators,” the company stated in a blog post on Wednesday. An Instagrammer’s profile will have a new subscription option, and producers may set their own fees ranging from $0.99 to $99.99 per month.

So, what do you receive for your money? Exactly! You may now access Instagram Stories made only for members, it would seem. In addition, Instagrammers may decide to only stream live to those who pay. When a subscription unlocks a tale, a new purple ring will appear around it (as opposed to the pink/orange/yellow/green ombré scenario with public stories).

When you comment on a creator’s post or send them a direct message, you’ll acquire a new purple badge next to your name, which may gain you some attention that unbadged randos do not.

A cut from membership fees won’t be taken until at least next year, according to Facebook Meta.

For the sake of their own livelihood, “creators do what they do,” Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri stated in a video about the new feature. The easiest method to earn an income that isn’t tied to the number of people who see your posts is via subscriptions, which aren’t tied to the number of people who see your posts.

Additionally, Mosseri said that Instagram creators would one day be able to move their subscriber lists to apps/sites controlled by firms other than Instagram (or Meta). This is a further incentive for artists to take use of the new capability. Like Twitter, Instagram does not have a membership service that unlocks long-requested features.

There is no way to charge others to watch your Instagram Stories since you are not a “creative,” which sounds harsh but probably justifiable. Before its debut, some creators employed a workaround to collect subscription money from Instagram by asking users to subscribe off-platform in order to be included to the “close friends” list of the respective author.. Instagram would be spared any commission if creators continue to utilize that workaround, but the official subscription option seems to be simpler.