How to Replace Your Mac’s Screen Capture Tool With a Better One

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Photo: Manu Padilla (Shutterstock) – Do you want to be able to snap screenshots of full websites as they scroll by? That, and a lot more, is possible. You can take screenshots using your Mac’s built-in screenshot tool, but it might be improved upon for the majority of users. Other programs, like the two mentioned below, have a stronger ability to circumvent certain websites’ efforts to prevent you from capturing a screenshot, such as the one referred to in the previous paragraph. You recently tried to take a screenshot of the Netflix app on your browser using Safari? Wishing you the best of luck!)


Screenshot: Pranay Parab

Shottr is a free and easy-to-use Mac screenshot software. Full-screen screenshots may be taken, or a predetermined region can be captured. You can obscure text or remove items from a picture using a robust editing tool, as well as scrolling screenshots and OCR (the ability to transcribe text from photos).

Shottr offers a preview window each time you take a screenshot, allowing you to easily alter the image before saving or copying it to your computer. The delayed screenshot function, which allows you to set a three-second countdown before capturing a screenshot, is available via Shottr’s menu bar app.

A scrolling screenshot is preferable to a screen recording if you want to capture the complete page of a website without zooming in too much and losing readability. Unlike a movie, Shottr creates a single lengthy JPG/PNG file that can be scrolled up and down at your leisure. This results in a significantly reduced file size.

The app’s editing options are what genuinely distinguish it from the default. For example, you may use them to obscure text or remove an app icon from a screenshot without having to use another photo-editing tool, such as Photoshop.

An honorable mention should go to the app’s OCR tool, which is very good at extracting text from photos. Selecting text in macOS Monterey needs a screenshot and opening the file in Preview before utilizing the OCR capability. Instead of taking a screenshot, you may just designate a region and have Shottr’s OCR feature gather up all of the text included inside it.

A keyboard shortcut may be set up for the app’s major screenshot capturing modes using the app’s configuration options. If you want to browse through screenshots, use Command + Shift +8. The Hotkeys tab in Shottr is all that is needed to set this up.

For the time being, Shottr is free to use. In Shottr’s options menu, the Advanced tab allows you to stop the app’s ability to gather diagnostic data.

A new version of CleanShot X

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Even though it costs $29 for a license and $19/year for upgrades, Cleanshot X is the finest Mac snapshot software out today for hardcore users. The Shortcuts tab in Preferences allows you to build up a shortcut for pretty much anything the software does, including all of Shottr’s editing tools. Screenshots of the currently active window may include or exclude the appearance of the mouse pointer, as well as a clean picture from your desktop wallpaper as a backdrop.

Cleanshot X’s many features include scrolling screenshots, thumbnails of your most recent screenshots displayed on a desktop overlay for saving, downloading, pinning, or editing, the ability to copy text from any website and paste it into images (with or without line breaks), and the ability to record your screen activity. It’s almost as if the software was designed with every possible use case in mind and included it.

In addition to cloud storage, Cleanshot X features a keyboard shortcut for uploading your screenshots automatically to its servers and copying the URL to them to your clipboard.

Cleanshot X comes with a free 30-day trial. Licenses for the program are available for $29, which includes a year of free software upgrades and 1GB of free cloud storage. You may continue to use the app when the year is out, but you’ll have to pay $19 a year for access to new features.

How to get rid of your Mac’s built-in screenshot capability without losing access to your shortcuts

Disabling the Mac’s screenshot tool is as simple as removing its keyboard shortcuts from your system. It’s never too late to switch to a new keyboard shortcut or go back to utilizing the originals. To achieve this, click the Shortcuts tab in System Preferences > Keyboard. Screenshots may be selected from the left pane, and all other choices can be cleared from the right pane.

This will deactivate the default screenshot tool, allowing you to install one of the programs listed to replace it.