Finally, Google is allowing Android users to play games on a PC

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Image: Google – In South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, the restricted beta for Google Play Games for PC has begun. On Wednesday, Google took the next stage in its effort to bring Android games to PCs, releasing sign-ups for beta testing in selected locations one year after the feature was initially revealed.

Google Play Games, a dedicated app for Android games, will include famous mobile titles including Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Summoners War, State of Survival: The Joker Collaboration, and Three Kingdoms Tactics.

Google designed its own launcher, which will allow gamers to browse, download, and play Android games from their desktop PC and then continue them on their phone, tablet, or Chromebook. Since your progress and accomplishments are saved to a profile, you may continue playing on another device, such as a Surface Laptop Studio, without having to start over from scratch. In addition, Google Play Points, a free-to-join rewards program, may be earned by purchasing programs on a PC.

It’s important to note that Google promises that games played through the Google Play Games app will support mouse and keyboard inputs and be optimized for bigger displays.

People in the United States and Europe shouldn’t get their hopes up just yet; the beta is still being tested in South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. “Soon,” Google tells us, but it won’t offer us any information on what that means.

For Google Play Games to be successful on PC, creators must guarantee that their games are compatible with bigger displays and that mouse/keyboard inputs work correctly. Incompatible aspect ratios between applications and screens, known as “letterboxing” or “pillarboxing,” have been an issue for Android tablets for some years, but Google is finally doing something about it with the debut of Android 12L, a large-screen version of the company’s mobile OS.

The path to success for Google Play Games on PC and the next tablet-focused OS is the same: extend the mobile games that draw hundreds of millions of users to other platforms without degrading the experience. As a result, Google has provided more specific guidelines on how developers may make their current applications compatible with Windows PCs.

Go to the official website and click “Join the waitlist” if you’re a resident of South Korea, Taiwan, or Hong Kong, and you’d want to test out the beta. As far as we know, the Google Play Games app for PC will be released sometime in 2022, although the company hasn’t given a specific date. You may now play Android games on your Windows PC using BlueStacks, an Android emulator.