The Best Way to Reset Your Apple Watch to a Factory Setting

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Photo: charnsitr (Shutterstock) – This is the only method to remove your Apple Watch from your Apple ID and wipe it. If you’re planning to sell or trade in your Apple Watch, there’s one more thing you need do before you do anything else. Remove all of your personal information by erasing the hard drive.

It is possible to do this in two ways. The Watch app on your iPhone or the Apple Watch itself (Settings > General > Reset) may be used to do the reset. There is an Activation Lock that prevents a watch’s reset from being independent of an iPhone or Apple ID if you do it from the watch itself. There isn’t much more you can do with this connection besides diagnose problems with your Apple Watch.

Our recommendation is that you do an iPhone app reset of the watch, which will remove it from your iPhone’s Find My Watch app and deactivate the Activation Lock.

Begin by going to Apple’s Watch app on your iPhone and launching it. The “All Watches” button may be found in the My Watch section in the upper left corner. To reset a watch, locate it and hit the I information symbol next to its name.

When the “Unpair Apple Watch” button appears, choose “Unpair (Name’s) Apple Watch” from the popup menu that appears. The Apple Watch cellular plan may either be removed or kept if you are moving to a new watch, so long as you have an Apple Watch.

Once you’ve entered your Apple ID password, the Apple Watch will begin the reset procedure. It will first make a full backup of your Apple Watch before beginning the process of erasing your data.

After a short period of time, the Apple Watch will be returned to its original factory settings, making it safe to sell or exchange.