When it comes to Apple’s App Store, the Netherlands has made a dent in its walled garden

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Photo: Chris Delmas / AFP (Getty Images)

techno.rentetan.com – Apple is being forced to allow dating applications in the nation to utilize alternate payment methods in the App Store by the country’s regulatory body. The ruling is being appealed. Apple will reluctantly let Dutch dating app makers to utilize other payment methods in the App Store, but it doesn’t like it and the score hasn’t been decided.

The two new “entitlements” in the App Store will be available to dating app makers, Apple said on Friday in an update to its developers’ blog. They will also have the option to offer an in-app link to their website where customers can make a purchase or utilize a third-party payment system in the app, which practically all developers globally, with few exceptions, will be forced to do.

Apple claims that just one of the two rights is up for grabs, and that developers must formally seek it. No action is required on the part of consumers who choose to continue utilizing Apple’s in-app payment mechanism, in which the corporation receives a 15% to 30% share of each transaction.

We are worried that these changes may damage the user experience and present new dangers to user privacy and data security,” Apple warned on its developers’ blog, emphasizing that it built the App Store to be a secure and trusted location. Meanwhile, as per our contractual obligations, we are launching today and will follow up with further details soon.

After that, Apple said, “in part because we cannot confirm the security and safety of payments that take place outside of the App Store’s private and secure payment system,” that certain App Store services would not be accessible to users of dating app developers who seek entitlements.

According to the company, consumers who use other payment methods will not be able to get support from Apple with concerns such as refunds, purchase histories, subscription management, or any other difficulties that may arise.

In a statement, Apple said that “you will be responsible for resolving such concerns with consumers.”

I have a sneaking suspicion that the firm would have used all capitals for the “you” if it weren’t concerned about looks.

Currently, the new payment alternatives in the Netherlands are not accessible, but they will be “made available soon,” according to the business.

Given Apple’s attitude on payments in the App Store, as well as the words provided above, it’s safe to assume that the company did not grant the additional entitlements out of the goodness of its Big Tech heart. The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets, better known as the ACM, has ordered Apple to provide dating app creators with other payment choices.

When the agency issued its verdict, which was released in late December, it found that the constraints Apple imposed on dating app creators were unfair. According to the ACM, certain app providers are reliant on the App Store, and Apple, which has a strong position in the market, takes advantage of that reliance by mandating them to utilize its in-app payment mechanism, which is exclusive to Apple. Apple was given two months to provide these developers with new payment choices, or face penalties of up to $56.5 million. If the company did not comply, the regulator threatened it with penalty of up to $56.5 million.

Apple has filed an appeal with the ACM, which will take the case to a higher court.