After a long wait, Google is finally adding left-handed support to Wear OS after years of dragging its feet

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Photo: Victoria Song/Gizmodo – To now, only new devices seem to have this functionality after 3.5 years of complaints. Womp, Womp! Until Samsung stepped in last year, Google’s smartwatch platform had been largely abandoned. Starting with assistance for left-handed users, the corporation now seems to be receptive to addressing the issues its consumers have been complaining about for years.

You may now use your wristwatch in a 180-degree rotation by simply flipping it upside down, as verified by a member of Google’s team (via Android Authority). If you’re a lefty, and you’re used to wearing your watch on your right wrist with the buttons facing you, this could be a boon for your wrist-wearing style.

People who are often overlooked will soon be able to stop relying on third-party programs to solve this issue and simply turn their watches upside-down so that the buttons on their wrist can be readily hit with their other hand.

You may expect the functionality you asked to be accessible on future new gadgets, an anonymous Google user said.

It’s worth noting that the initial complaint was filed in April 2018, and Google hasn’t commented on it for the last 3.5 years, even though several consumers have asked for the same apparently minor improvement. Wear OS users have reportedly gone to Apple Watches, while others have sworn not to purchase a Wear OS device until the issue is fixed.

That the functionality will only be accessible on “future new devices” rather than a patch for already available smartwatches just compounds the problem.

‘You’re not doing a very good job of promoting Google wear gadgets,’ one user said. It should be possible to deploy this functionality on earlier devices by means of a simple patch.

Apple Watch 2015 could be worn upside-down, making it simpler for lefties to utilize the crown for critical operations. The only drawback is that the button is pushed to the bottom of the watch when it’s turned around.

Forcing a small percentage of Google’s consumers to purchase a new wristwatch after years of complaints is precisely how the company ended itself in this situation in the first place.

Having confirmed the planned functionality and asking why it won’t be available on current smartwatches, we’ve contacted Google for comment. This page will be updated as soon as we learn more about the subject.