Return of Fortnite on iOS Devices This is possible because of a loophole in the Nvidia drivers

by - – In a private beta on GeForce Now via Safari, the famous battle royale game is now available to try out for free. Fortnite has evaded Apple’s control, no matter how hard it tries.

Don’t thank Apple or Epic Games for the return of battle royale on iOS. Some iPhone and iPad owners will be able to play the game later this month, but not where you may think. Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming service allows Fortnite, which was previously removed from the App Store, to make a triumphant return.

The reintroduction of Fortnite to iOS devices has been long anticipated since Nvidia revealed in November 2017 that GeForce Now will be made accessible in Safari on iOS, but preparations have taken time. Nvidia was obliged to create its cloud platform browser-based because of Apple’s App Store restrictions, which mandate that any individual game accessible on a streaming service must have its own app listing—a condition that essentially locks out any cloud gaming service from entering the market (though Microsoft apparently considered it).

Nvidia is taking advantage of a loophole to bring Fortnite to Safari, which may not be handy for players, but should provide complete functionality. It’s really built for mobile devices, so you’ll receive the same touchscreen controls and menus as the previous iOS and Android app versions of the GeForce Now app.

Closed beta access will be granted to “chosen members” just this month, however you may place your name on the waiting list right now. A free or paid GeForce Now membership isn’t required since the choice is supposedly “given on the basis of geographical availability and device.”

Nvidia did not specify a date for when the game will be made available to all GeForce Now subscribers, but the beta for Fortnite won’t last indefinitely. In order to guarantee that its servers can manage a possibly enormous inflow of players who have been waiting for over a year to return to the deadly island, we expect that Nvidia will carry out thorough testing on its own.

Since August 2020, when Apple banned the game after Epic Games created its own in-app payment method that evaded Apple’s 30% App Store commission, Fortnite has been on vacation from the App Store. A permanent order required Apple to enable developers to refer customers to third-party payment processors after the two firms argued in court, but Apple is under no duty to put Fortnite back into the App Store (and all indicators are it won’t).

Because the game is accessed via a web browser, streaming Fortnite through a cloud service rather than downloading it locally isn’t ideal. In order to take use of GeForce Now, you must have a reliable internet connection. Otherwise, you can only play games at 1080p resolution for an hour before the app shuts off. It’s still better than not being able to play the game at all, and best of all, this strategy makes it almost difficult for Apple to damage the experience.