These Apple Music Alternatives Are Much Faster!

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Photo: Burdun Iliya (Shutterstock) – Apple Music’s sluggish and glitchy interface is getting old. Alternatives provided by other parties are preferable. While using the Music app on your iPhone, you may find yourself spending more time than necessary just waiting for the loading symbol to appear. There is no doubt that Apple Music is an excellent service for streaming and finding new music, but its iPhone interface is sluggish and prone to errors. This is a situation where third-party applications may provide a better experience, allowing you to access your music more quickly and decreasing your irritation. Four amazing alternatives to Apple Music are listed below.

It’s called Soor (iPhone, iPad)

Screenshot: Pranay Parab

Apple Music’s own app, Soor, is a shining illustration of what it might have become. Your favorite areas may be kept at the very top of the homepage, which is completely customisable. If you’re not a fan of Apple Music’s “radio stations,” you may disable it on Soor.

Soor allows you to modify your playlists in addition to changing the layout. Create a 1970s rock playlist, for example, and have it auto-generate songs that meet your requirements while removing everything by that one band you despise.

You won’t lose out on any of Apple Music’s key features with Soor, thanks to its user-friendly interface and support for time-synced lyrics through Musixmatch.

It’s called Marvis Pro (iPhone, iPad)

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Marvis Pro ($6.99) is the app for you if you like Spotify’s UI but are trapped with Apple Music on your iPhone. As with Spotify, it uses the Apple Music database for its elegant design.

If you’re serious about your music listening experience, the Marvis Pro feature set is for you. You may use it to construct rule-based smart playlists and to filter songs, bands, genres, and other categories from your library’s playlists. You may also sort music by length or play count, among other criteria, under Marvis Pro’s sorting options.

The Apple Music Electron (Windows, Linux)

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If you’re fed up with iTunes on Windows, give Apple Music Electron a try. It’s free to download and works better than Apple’s built-in player. If you just use iTunes to listen to Apple Music music, then you may easily migrate to the new service without a hassle.

Apple Music Electron loads considerably quicker than iTunes and its user interface is simple. While it doesn’t bring back memories of WinAmp skins, it is a lovely touch. You can even change the app’s color scheme. You can obtain Apple Music Electron from GitHub for both Windows and Linux platforms.

Website: (web)

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The online interface to Apple Music may be a better option for those who have grown weary of the Music app on their Macs. There isn’t much of an upgrade over the app, but at least you won’t be waiting around for it to load. The online player does not enable you to download songs or see lyrics, but if you just listen to music in the background while you work, this may not be a dealbreaker.

For those who don’t like the Apple Music website’s online interface, Thin Music and Fever Tunes are two alternate web players that typically load quicker than Apple’s own website.