Deleted Events from Google Calendar Can Be Restored

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Photo: Jarretera (Shutterstock) – The event you mistakenly deleted from your Google Calendar does not require a re-entry at this time. It’s not fun to accidentally delete something. If you are not careful, it is all too easy to accidentally delete images, files, and conversations from your accounts. However, many of these platforms provide a “trash” feature which lets users store their personal information before it is wiped clean. If you’re not familiar with Google Calendar, you might be surprised to learn that it does indeed have this option.

Google Calendar features a trash feature that I didn’t know about. After years of using the service for work, Google has never once notified me of the feature’s existence.. When I deleted a calendar event, I figured it was simply wiped from the Googleplex. Instead, they reside in the “hidden” garbage section, waiting for someone to come across them and restore them to their former glory.

How to locate Google Calendar’s garbage

For now, this feature is only available on the desktop version of Google. Select “Trash” from the settings gear in the top-right corner of Google Calendar in your preferred browser.

Here, you’ll find a list of the calendar events that you’ve recently erased. The backward arrow on an event’s entry can be used to restore it. To permanently remove an event from your calendar, simply click the trash can icon next to its name. You can choose “Empty trash” if you wish to remove all events from your Trash.

Screenshot: Jake Peterson

Managing numerous entries at once is also possible. To choose all items, check the boxes next to them or click the checkbox at the top of the list. To restore all events from the backward arrow next to the select all box, or to delete all events from the trash can, click the arrow adjacent to the box.

After a period of thirty days, Google Calendar removes all of your removed events

What’s the deal? After 30 days, trashed items are permanently removed from the system. Fortunately, if you delete something by mistake, you’ll be able to retrieve it as soon as you discover this feature. If you delete something and then realize you made a mistake, you have 30 days to undo your mistake.