To Solve the Biggest Issue with Apple Reminders, Download this app!

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Photo: Konstantin Savusia (Shutterstock) – New tasks should be added to Reminders using Remind Me Later, which is fast and easy! We’ve grown to love the Reminders app over time. With the latest iOS 15 version, you can now use it as a movie or reading list tracker thanks to tagging and smart lists.

Todoist and TickTick are no longer necessary because Reminders has evolved into a strong task management tool in its own right. Reminders is a free app that interacts with Siri and is available on all your Apple devices by default.

Despite its many advantages, Reminders suffers from a critical flaw: its inability to create new reminders. To add a task, you must first choose the list and then hit the Plus button. Even then, entering information such as notes, due dates, and times is a hassle..

Remind Me Faster, on the other hand, is an excellent answer to the problem. You can input your thoughts into the Reminders app as quickly as possible with this easy and free tool.

Opens with the keyboard ready to begin, and the default list is selected by default (but you can change it using the drop-down in the top-left corner).

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

Add a note, choose a date and time, then press the Send button to send your reminder. For your convenience, the reminder will be added to the list you’ve selected in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, you can set a due date and time on your assignments in the app. Switch to day mode by swiping upwards in that portion of the due date. Preset locations can be created in the app’s settings to rapidly add a location-based reminder for the task. For quick access to the three different priority settings, simply tap on a dot icon adjacent to the desired place.

Although the software is fast, there are a few things that it doesn’t have. Dates can’t be added using natural language processing. No photos or hashtags can be added to the reminder.

Reminder Me Faster is a useful companion to the Reminders app, and you should keep it in your dock or on your iPhone’s home screen if you use it frequently. Try recording all of your reminders using this app for a while. You’ll begin to notice fewer and fewer tasks slipping your mind once you’ve mastered this technique.