Continue to sue Google if you haven’t already

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Photo: Michael M. Santiago (Getty Images) – The corporation wants you to sign a non-disparagement agreement. Don’t. Nobody wants to be sued by a firm. Litigation is a typical occurrence for huge corporations, and this is especially true for giant technology corporations, thus it is only logical that these corporations develop tactics to minimize their exposure to lawsuits. To be sure, it’s important to call out companies like Google when they use deceptive, anti-consumer methods.

Arbitration clauses in Google’s contract

As pointed out by Reddit user AldenB, when you set up a new Pixel device in the United States, Google practically forces you to sign to an arbitration agreement. In the event that a class action lawsuit is filed against Google because of the device in the future, you have agreed to forgo your right to participate. In return, Google agrees to forego its right to join a class action lawsuit against you and your company. Because Google is always suing its own users in collective actions.

Only your right to join a class-action suit against the Pixel you’re registering is covered by this “agreement,” and not all future class-action claims against the company, as stated. Even so, this strategy is bogus.

You will not be the subject of a class-action lawsuit from Google. Your chances of filing or joining an action against the firm are significantly higher. Think about what would happen if Google sold this Pixel to you, knowing that the technology included a catastrophic fault. A class-action lawsuit has been filed because so many people were harmed by this deceptive business activity. ‘ But hold on! You can’t participate since you all agreed not to join the lawsuit when you set up your phone. Bummer! In any case, you’re safe from legal action from Google.

A class action lawsuit against a firm may not seem like an urgent matter to you if you haven’t had to participate in one before. However, mishaps like this do occur. As an example, look no farther than Apple’s disastrous butterfly keyboards, which the firm knew were doomed to failure but nevertheless offered to customers for years. If you bought a MacBook with a butterfly keyboard, you’d want to be ready to join in on that case.

That element of the setup process is beyond my recollection, as I haven’t done it in a few years. This sneaky clause can be avoided, but it comes with a number of restrictions.

Ways to reclaim your legal right to participate in a Google class action lawsuit

This news is mixed with both good and bad tidbits. Good news: you can choose not to arbitrate through this link. Just make sure you’re logged in with the same Google Account as your device, then choose your device from the list and input its serial number.

The bad news is that after 30 days of using your phone, you will no longer be able to opt out of this agreement. Check if you can opt out of this agreement if you recently purchased a new Pixel device or any other device covered by this agreement.

Individual items are not covered by this agreement, which does not apply to your Google Account as a whole. You can still join a class-action lawsuit against Google even if you miss the 30-day deadline. You have 30 days to opt out of Google Home, Pixel Buds, and other devices’ agreements.

This agreement only applies to Google users in the United States. There is nothing to worry about if you’re not in the United States.