Every website you visit can be erased by Chrome 97

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techno.rentetan.com – New features have been added to the latest version of Google’s Chrome browser. Chrome 97, the latest version of Google’s popular desktop and mobile browser, is expected to be released soon. Just over two months after Chrome 96, the next version of the browser has been released, and it includes a slew of new features. There are a few entertaining features for everyday users to enjoy, despite the fact that most of these concerns developers.

On mobile, Chrome now remembers the zoom settings for each site

Chrome remembers your zoom settings when you’re surfing webpages on the desktop. This will be the case every time you return to a certain website after zooming out. It’s not the same on mobile devices. This is now fixed in Chrome 97, provided you enable the feature flag.

Open chrome:flags#enable-accessibility-page-zoom and turn on the option there to enable accessibility page zooming.

When you visit a website, all of the information it has on you is deleted

Until far, Chrome has only allowed you to erase individual cookies from a website. Chrome 97’s ability to delete all of your website visit data is a big privacy improvement. Select Permissions & Data Stored Across Sites from the Site Settings menu under Settings > Security and Privacy.

HDR compatibility may be checked by web developers

Sites displaying HDR video can now check to see if your display is capable of playing the codec. If it doesn’t, then the site doesn’t need to display in HDR mode at all.

Web applications appear to be part of the natural world.

The functionality of a conventional software can be accessed through a web app, which eliminates the requirement for a large download to be installed on your device. In the past, they didn’t appear quite right on Chrome since online apps couldn’t make use of the top app bar. Allowing web apps to feel more like supported programs on your device has now been made possible.

On the Chromium Blog, you can see a complete list of developer modifications.

What is the procedure for installing Chrome on a newer operating system?

It’s possible to upgrade Chrome on mobile devices via the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). To learn more about Google Chrome, go to the three-dot menu in the toolbar on your desktop and select Help > About Google Chrome. In the event that an update is available, you’ll be notified here. Click on it to download Chrome 97 and restart your browser.