All Things Considered, TCL’s Big-Ass New 98-Inch HDTV Is Quite Affordable

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Image: TCL – TCL is increasing its focus on massive displays as more people opt to watch big blockbuster films at home. People are avoiding movie theaters because of a long-term plague and instead opting for giant-sized home entertainment options in the comfort of their own living homes, which include sticky flooring and… other people. As a result, TCL has announced that its XL Collection of TVs will continue to emphasize a larger is better approach for buyers in 2022.

TCL’s XL Collection includes a 98-inch QLED TV, the TCL C735, which is currently on sale for $8,000—a price that beats out similar 98-inch TVs from competitors like Samsung and makes immersive, cinema-style home entertainment more accessible than ever before. This is only an option if you’re willing to shell out $8,000 for a new television.

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Clearly, consumers are upgrading their homes with more cinematic options, as TCL Senior Vice President Chris Larson stated that the business sold 25 percent of its TVs in North America last year that were 60 inches or larger.

Mini-LED displays are used in the XL Collection, which was released by TCL three years ago under the marketing name “Quantum Contrast” on a TV. To boost visual depth and precision contrast, the new 85-inch QLED X925pro from TCL will employ the company’s OD Zero mini-LED display technology, which incorporates TCL’s third-generation mini-LED technology.

TCL has a long history of producing high-quality, reasonably priced televisions, and these massive new models are expected to be no different. Despite the company’s recent software troubles, which have resulted in the company’s Google TV models being removed from Best Buy shelves, the company’s 4K TVs are generally praised.

Because of this, and much to everyone’s chagrin, the pandemic isn’t likely to stop any time soon, but at least the experience of a never-ending quarantine is encouraging brands to experiment on new technology that bring the outside world inside our homes.