If your Apple Watch freezes, here’s how to force restart it

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Photo: DenPhotos (Shutterstock)

techno.rentetan.com – After a full loss of functionality, you can restart your Apple Watch. However, even the best things have terrible days, and this is no exception with the Apple Watch. Bugs in software can slow down the watch, and a short reboot is usually the best way to fix them. You may, however, force the Apple Watch to restart in the event that it has completely stopped responding.

When is it appropriate to restart my Apple Watch?

To finish a firmware update on the Apple Watch, it often takes a long time (here are some tips to speed up the process). The Apple Watch may appear to be stalled during software updates, but this is most likely due to a lack of progress, so don’t force a restart.

If your watch keeps becoming stuck, you should get in touch with Apple Support. If the force restart is occurring frequently, it’s preferable to acquire an expert’s view.

Apple Watches that appear to be stuck and are not being updated should be restarted.

To restart an Apple Watch, follow these simple steps

In order to restart your Apple Watch normally, hold down the side button until the Power Off slider appears on screen. To turn off your Apple Watch, swipe right on the Power button. Then press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Most folks will be able to use this method. After all that, here’s how you may force your Apple Watch to restart:

  1. For ten seconds, hold down the side button and the Digital Crown.
  2. Wait for the Apple logo to show on the screen of your Apple Watch.
  3. Let go of the two buttons as soon as you see the Apple logo.

Rebooting your Apple Watch will take some time, but after it’s done, you’ll see the lock screen again.