How to Make Your Mac’s Dock’s App Icons Smaller

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Photo: Jesse33 (Shutterstock) – In order to re-establish equilibrium in the cosmos, fix your Mac’s dock icons. With its distinctive dock, macOS stands out. It’s a simple method to get to your most often used apps without cluttering up your screen. Having said that, if the icon sizes don’t line up, the dock can look a little unprofessional. Having a huge app icon on your dock might be frustrating, so here’s how to get it back to being symmetrical again.

Icons for macOS aren’t showing up anywhere

Icons for your Mac’s dock must be located before you can replace them, and the first place to look is on the program developer’s website. The brand logo and the app symbol are typically included in the press kit provided by most app developers. To begin the process of replacing an icon that appears out of place, you can make use of this.

If you can’t find the app’s icon on the developer’s website, a third-party website like MacOSIcons may be able to help. There are more than 10,000 app icons on that site, so you’re likely to find what you’re looking for. An ICNS file is downloaded together with app icons from MacOSIcons. JPEG, PNG, and this format are all supported for app icon files.

Of course, if you want to create your own app icons, no one will stop you. In a moment, we’ll provide all the details you require.

For your Mac, the ideal icon size

It’s not necessary for us to comply with Apple’s recommendation to submit program icons in numerous sizes, as we’re just replacing a few icons on our laptops. 512x512px for non-retina devices and 1024x1024px for retina displays are the icon sizes you require.

Create PNG files and keep to the following color spaces: sRGB (color) or Gray Gamma 2.2.2 (grayscale), according to Apple, when developing your own app icons.

Change the icon of an application on a Mac

Screenshot: Pranay Parab

The Applications folder may be found in the sidebar on the left side of Finder, where you can rename the app’s icon. Right-click on the app’s icon to bring up the Get Info menu. You can also use the Command + I keyboard shortcut to pick the program.

The app’s information and icon will be displayed in a new window that is opened as a result of clicking this button. Add a new icon to this window by dragging it to the top of this window and dragging it over to the Get Info window.

The app icon should now be permanently positioned in your dock. If it doesn’t alter right away, close the app and reopen it.