How to Make Smart Speakers Sound Like a Home Theater

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A home theater may be built with Amazon or Apple products. Image: Amazon – Using the speakers you currently possess, you may put up an effective system. The built-in sound on most televisions isn’t the finest, but purchasing speakers to boost your audio may be a hassle (not to mention expensive). However, you can utilize the smart speakers you currently possess to enhance your home audio, giving your movies, programs, and music a new degree of immersion.

Amazon’s Echo range of smart speakers, for example, can now produce sound of a respectable volume. In addition to the $100 4th-generation Echo that comes standard, there is the $200 Echo Studio and the $130 Echo Sub for those who want to crank up the bass a notch.

Even though the functionality was promised more than a year ago, it is yet to emerge, you can’t utilize your Nest smart speakers or Chromecast to complete your home theater setup. However, if you’re completely committed to Amazon or Apple products, you’re in luck. How to get started: Here’s how.

Apple’s new HomePod speaker

A 4K-ready Apple TV is required to utilize the HomePod and the HomePod tiny speakers as an audio setup for your television. To use this feature, you’ll need to use the Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and attach one or two speakers to the same room as your Apple TV 4K. This will cover all noises, including navigation clicks. Even if they’re AirPlay 2 compliant, third-party speakers won’t work for this.

The two HomePod speakers you’re using must be set up as a stereo pair before connecting them to your Apple TV 4K. Tap and hold on a HomePod device in the Home app on iOS or iPadOS. To link a second speaker, tap the settings cog symbol and then click Create Stereo Pair.

Ideally, your HomePod speakers will be recognized immediately. Screenshot: tvOS

Using the Home app, you can check to see whether your Apple TV 4K is in the same room as its connected speakers by long-pressing on the device. On the main Home tab, click on the Plus (plus) symbol in the upper right corner, and then click on Add Room.

The Use as Apple TV Speakers option should be on screen the next time your Apple TV 4K box is powered on. It’s possible that you won’t see this notice if you don’t open up the Settings app on your Apple TV 4K. Select Video and Audio, then Audio Output, and then your preferred HomePod or HomePods. By holding down the Apple TV 4K icon and then selecting the settings cog symbol and Default Audio Output in the Home app, you can do the same thing.

The Amazon Echo

One or more Echo speakers and a device running Fire TV are required for this to operate with Amazon devices. If you set up your Alexa devices via the Alexa app on your phone, they should already be connected to the same Amazon account.

Tap + (the plus icon) to add more speakers, then choose Combine speakers from the Devices menu. Select Home Theater, and then your Fire TV device should show in the drop-down menu. As a result of this, you may utilize one or two Echo devices as a single speaker or stereo pair, and you can even optionally add an Echo Sub to the setup as well. Left and right speakers may be designated for use with two speakers.

The Alexa app is used to set up the Echo. Screenshot: Alexa

Give your home theater a name and attach it to a room or group in your house so that you can easily find it later. Afterwards, you’ll need to focus on your TV, where you’ll be able to complete the setup using the Fire stick or box. In order to ensure that your audio configuration is functioning properly, you should get a notice letting you preview it.

From the bottom of the Devices tab in the Alexa app, you can access and adjust the new setup. Auxiliary outputs may be found on select Echo speakers so that you can still benefit from the home theater setup set up in the Alexa app by connecting a larger and better-sounding speaker.