Your phone won’t be bombarded with alerts, and each app will have its own language settings. Android 13

by - – It seems that Google’s next big smartphone software upgrade, Android 13, will focus on dealing with annoying alerts. There’s speculation that with Android 13 (codenamed ‘Tiramisu’), all apps must provide notifications as an opt-in option, rather than having them enabled by default.

Runtime permission for “post notifications” was detected in the code, which signals that applications will need to ask you first if they may send alerts. App permission pop-ups like enabling the app to use your camera, microphone and location information may include alerts.

Another new feature uncovered is the option to choose a language for each individual app. This means you can use an app like WhatsApp or Telegram to converse mostly in English, but you can read all your news and explore the web in Spanish.

If you’re a fan of the clock on your lock screen, you may be able to modify its design in Android 13. For now, having one large clock in the middle of the screen isn’t the sole option, but it’s a minor difference.

A year from now, Android 13 may not have all of these new capabilities accessible to the general public, so we can’t rule it out just yet.

It’s possible they won’t even be in the first beta for developers since the initial developer preview is still expected to be many months away. Changes in plans and changes in software functionality are common throughout the development process.