If so, what kind of monitor are you looking for?

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Image: LG

techno.rentetan.com – However, is LG’s newly unveiled DualUp monitor what customers want? Weird-looking monitors like this one from LG have the potential to change the landscape of the monitor industry. It might also be a novelty item that no one would ever use, making it a waste of money. However, LG’s DualUp is a one of a kind device: It has a 16:18 aspect ratio, making it taller than it is broad. Stacking two 21.5-inch widescreen monitors on top of one other is possible, or you may use it as a single 21.5-inch square screen.

Home office employees are the primary target audience for the company’s new display, which it describes as a “multitasking powerhouse suited for all types of jobs such as content production and coding.”

If individuals are genuinely whirling their heads around from screen to screen so much that it’s causing neck discomfort, I’m not convinced by the ergonomic perspective.

It’s an excellent option for certain situations, though. My favorite feature of the form is that it frees up work space, and the stand can be clamped into a desk to counteract the high center of gravity. This monitor, however, would be of little use to me as a professional blogger (apart from the fact that I could remark, “I bet you haven’t seen a monitor like this—my neck is definitely not in agony!” to anybody dumb enough to visit my home office).

A Fender video editor at home, David Schneider, confirmed that the man in the promo shot is obviously producing a video entitled “Lonely Recipes: Salmon for One” while listening to the world’s tiniest radio on New Year’s Day.

If you’re a photographer or an artist who works in portrait mode, Schneider believes a tall monitor like this one would be more useful. “Video editors often choose wide-screen displays. In the shot, though, I can see some potential for the arrangement that the guy has in place. However, I’m interested and want to learn more about it,” he says.

Consumer Technology Association’s annual trade exhibition, CES, is a great place to learn more about the latest innovations in technology. The pricing is expected to be revealed during the tech convention in early January. What do you think of this idea?