The Intel Corporation is putting unvaccinated workers on unpaid leave till the health-care situation improves

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Photo: Justin Sullivan / Staff (Getty Images) – As Omicron spreads throughout the United States, Intel is the latest—though not the first—tech corporation to threaten to suspend workers who don’t have the necessary vaccinations. Covid-19 instances have surged recently, and Intel is the latest business to send its unvaccinated employees on forced leave. A December 7th message warned staff that anybody who didn’t get the injection or have an exemption requested by January 4th would be sent on unpaid leave.

CPO Christy Pambianchi reminded staff that permissible justifications include medical and religious ones, according to a message acquired by the AP, and added that the business will be examining such requests until March 15th. Employees who refuse to be vaccinated will be put on unpaid leave for at least three months starting on April 4, although they will not be fired and will continue to get their Intel-sponsored health coverage while on leave.

Intel’s workers were originally warned of the January 4 vaccine deadline back in November, but the company did not address what would happen if they failed to comply. The regulation seems to be based on a previous Biden administration rule that required government contractors to get vaccinated, a demand that is presently not seeming to be fully legally sound, at least in the eyes of the courts. Intel, on the other hand, seems to be aware of the possible legal problem.

“We are actively following the legal climate and assume that the lawsuit in Georgia, as well as other comparable challenges, will take time to be properly resolved,” the firm said in a statement to The Oregonian.

Intel isn’t the first tech business to punish workers who postpone or refuse vaccinations. Employees at Google are presently under the prospect of a 30-day administrative leave if they fail to disclose their vaccination status or exemptions by January 13, a suspension that, unlike Intel’s, may lead to termination. Facebook and Microsoft are also requiring its staff to be completely vaccinated prior to the reopening of their offices, which have been put back to 2022 as confirmed Covid cases continue to rise.