That Google Pixel Watch Might Come With That Exclusive Feature We’ve Been Waiting for

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is seen here. Photo: Victoria Song/Gizmodo – Google’s voice-activated assistant, Google Now, and a Samsung processor are all said to be included in the Pixel Watch. According to a source, Google’s rumored Pixel wristwatch is one of the most eagerly awaited items on the horizon, even though it hasn’t been officially announced.

9to5Google reports that a “PIXEL EXPERIENCE WATCH” feature tag has been detected in a Google app, which suggests that the anticipated Pixel Watch will be powered by a Samsung Exynos CPU and support Google Assistant.

Previous Pixel phones included similar marks to tell applications when they may use Pixel-exclusive functionality, as noted on the site. If the next smartwatch has its own feature tag, it suggests that it will contain functions that are not available on other devices.

It’s just going to get better from here on out. 9to5Google also identified references to “Rohan,” the codename for the Pixel Watch, and related them to the next-generation Assistant, or the most current version of the Google Assistant that appeared with the Pixel 4. Using a next-generation assistant allows you to access applications, convert voice into text, or do a variety of offline tasks quickly and easily.

Google’s Wear OS 3 watch OS still lacks an assistant in its newest iteration (the poor Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 relies on Bixby).

After discovering a feature tag including “PIXEL,” 9to5Google seems to be very sure that Google’s upcoming watch will actually be named the Pixel Watch (as has been rumored). According to Business Insider, it’s still not known what brand Google plans to use if it chooses to produce a watch at all.

Even if there is a grain of uncertainty that this creature will ever materialize, we have a very decent concept of what it will look like. According to 9to5Google, the wear OS 3 emulator was used to seek for a watch face that may reveal the design of the upcoming Pixel Watch.

In one image, a spherical watch face with a large crown can be seen. There is a Google colored light bar on the display (red, yellow, green, blue). While we don’t know for sure, this seems to be the kind of symbol that would show up when you activate Google’s virtual assistant.

Google utilized the generic watch symbol in its Wear OS 3 announcement, and the inclusion of a pusher button deviates from the leaks we’ve seen so far, which is something to keep in mind.

To top it all off, 9to5Google claims to have “seen evidence showing” the Pixel Watch won’t use Qualcomm’s newest Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus CPU but rather Samsung’s Exynos engine. They worked together on Wear OS 3 so sharing hardware makes sense.

In this newest set of rumors, it is probable that Google’s next watch will be powered by the same Samsung Exynos W920 seen in the Galaxy Watch 4, but we cannot be sure until Google verifies this thing is genuine.