Spotify Now Allows Podcast Ratings Like Apple

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Photo: CHRIS DELMAS / Contributor (Getty Images) – In addition to providing producers with “a big-picture perspective of their success”, Spotify believes the ratings will also help them improve their programs. A five-star rating system for podcasts will be implemented soon, Spotify stated on Thursday, to help prospective listeners find new material.

Enabling user-generated ratings for Spotify’s 3.2 million podcasts is intended to “create a two-way feedback loop between producer and listener,” according to the company’s official blog.

Listeners may rate their favorite programs on a scale of 1 to 5, and the average rating will be published on the show’s Spotify profile (along with the total number of ratings the show has received). However, Apple states on its podcaster website that “reviews may help listeners discover new podcasts but do not effect charting.” Many podcasters believe that favorable reviews make or break a show’s success with potential listeners.

Unlike Apple, Spotify users won’t be able to write reviews for their favorite podcasts (or hate).

On a good day for Spotify’s podcasting commitment, the company announced: Spotify also announced the acquisition of Whooshkaa, an Australian business that helps radio stations transform audio material into podcasts.

According to CEO Daniel Ek, podcasts will continue to supersede conventional radio formats in the future.

Radio will collapse and change from a linear area to an on-demand place over the next decade, Ek predicts. We’re in a race to attract as many people onto streaming on demand and ideally choosing Spotify as their platform of choice.

The new ratings function will be accessible “in virtually all areas where podcasts are on Spotify” during the next few days, Spotify claims.