In an effort to help you finish off your holiday shopping, Google has added new features to Chrome

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In the near future, Google Chrome’s mobile browser will have a price tracker feature. Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo – Price tracking is now incorporated into the mobile browser, and Lens may be used for real-world buying. ‘ At this time of year, it is a good idea to start your Christmas shopping as soon as possible when time is running out and even an ongoing epidemic cannot keep you from purchasing a present. New capabilities in Google Chrome will make it easier for you to get in and out safely.

Those who currently use Chrome on Android and want to buy in the real world will soon be able to utilize Google Lens to shop online from the search bar. All it takes is a simple press of the address bar in Google Chrome to launch the camera on your mobile browser. Take a picture of your desired item, and Chrome will automatically get the current pricing.

Chrome users on the desktop will soon be able to take use of this capability, according to Google. Right-clicking an image when browsing shopping sites and selecting “search photos with Google Lens” will soon be an option that you may take advantage of. Once you’ve drawn over the product you’re interested in, Lens will show the result in a new tab.

The price of a certain item may be tracked using Google Chrome on Android. Open a new tab on your mobile browser and do your search there. A badge will appear in the corner of any item that has recently changed in price when you’re ready to check it out. Instead of routing via a third-party service like Honey or Priceblox, Google snatches up the data directly from the website itself. In the next weeks, iOS users will be able to take use of the feature.

Chrome’s price-tracking functionality may be accessed by clicking on the open tabs grid. Image: Google

You may have noticed lately that Chrome’s start page includes a shopping cart reminder. On Windows and Mac operating systems in the United States, Google will begin aggregating shopping carts from around the Internet. In order to use this feature, you must be logged into a Google account. There is a 14-day limit on the storage of carts in Chrome.

If you’re already a Google user, these features may help you locate what you’re looking for more quickly. When I’m shopping, it’s normal for me to keep tabs open in Chrome on my phone so that I may return to them later.

For the record, this isn’t Google’s first excursion into the world of retail. Since releasing now-forgotten programs like Google Express, it’s been gaining experience. In addition, Google had to come up with a new way to stay in your purchasing habits after shutting down its Shopping app for iOS and Android earlier this year.