An Affordable Alternative to the Apple iPad, Samsung’s Android Tablet May Be the Best Choice

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Image: Samsung – Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A8 will be released in January 2022. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab devices have kept the Android tablet market alive, and now the firm is releasing a new mid-range tablet. Some crucial questions remain unanswered about the new Galaxy Tab A8, but the specifications and features indicate that the new Tab A8 might be a low-cost choice that has few sacrifices.

Based on the Tab A7’s $229 price tag and the Galaxy Tab S7 FE’s $530 price tag, I would estimate that the Tab A8 will cost approximately $250. Considering that the Tab A8 will be released in the US in January 2022, pricing information should be made public sooner rather than later. Pink Gold, a more subdued version of Rose Gold, is available on the Tab A8. The color may be Blush Gold? Also available are neutral shades of gray and silver.

Image: Samsung

Samsung’s premium Galaxy Tab S range is a lookalike for the A8’s design. A tablet is a boring thing to talk about, and the Samsung Tab A8 is no exception. One side of the slab has a Samsung logo, while the other is home to an 8-megapixel camera (up front is a 5MP camera). A metal chassis and narrow bezels make the Tab A8 stand out in its class. Most 10-inch tablets are around the same size as the A8 at 1.1 pounds and 0.27 inches thick.

New features include face recognition that should make unlocking the tablet a breeze without having to remember your password. Samsung’s face unlock may not have the best security reputation, but the firm guarantees that your tablet will be safeguarded by Knox, a unique mobile security platform.

Image: Samsung

Even though the A8 lacks the newest panel technology, the TNT screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio and 10.5-inch, 1920 x 1200 TNT resolution is expected to provide brilliant colors. Without a keyboard, pen or Samsung DeX, the A8 tablet is plainly geared for watching movies rather than doing work. Additionally, the Tab A8 boasts four speakers with Dolby Atmos technology, which should yield in great audio. Alternatively, you may use the built-in headphone port since Samsung, quite refreshingly, won’t push you into purchasing its Galaxy Buds Pro.

Whether or whether the Tab A8’s appeal extends beyond being a cheap tablet for watching video is something I’m keen to discover. That answer will have to wait, since Samsung only vaguely states that the A8 operates on a “Octa-Core, 2 GHz” CPU. We’ve contacted Samsung for confirmation on the Unisoc Tiger T618 chip that’s being rumored.

3GB or 4GB of RAM and either 32GB, 64GB, or 128 GB of storage are available as options for this processor’s RAM. When utilizing the microSD card slot to store full-res photographs and movies, users may extend storage to a maximum of 1 TB.

Image: Samsung

There are no battery life predictions for the A8 from Samsung. Only “hours on end” are promised (whatever that means). If the 7,040 mAh battery isn’t enough for a full day of perusing the web or binge-watching The Expanse, we’ll need to do our own testing to find out. A USB-C connector and fast charging are available on the Tab A8 whether or not the device is capable of it.

Use of the optional 4G LTE connection will do you no good, but it could be worth the convenience if you require mobility. Of course, runtimes will vary dependent on your use of the app and. Note that the A8 doesn’t support 5G and broadband is restricted to Wi-Fi 5, not the newer Wi-Fi 6 standard.

Image: Samsung

Multi-Active Window allows you to run two programs at the same time on the Tab A8 even though it doesn’t come with DeX, Samsung’s desktop-like emulation software. Screen recording and easy copy and paste to and from a Galaxy smartphone are now included, as is a new Screen Recorder tool for recording your screen and yourself. Your new Tab 8 will come with two complimentary months of ad-free YouTube Premium.

The deciding factors are going to be quality, durability, and cost. If the Galaxy Tab A8 manages to get three out of three, it might be the greatest tablet for viewing movies, playing games, or completing simple web work. Tab A8 has everything going for it, from its sleek appearance to expandable storage to quad speakers.