Once again, Microsoft has taken another step toward eliminating the Control Panel

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Screenshot: Phillip Tracy

techno.rentetan.com – As the Settings app takes over, the historical functionality is being deprecated in its entirety. Anyone courageous enough to download Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 11, may have discovered that certain interfaces are still in the Stone Age. The File Explorer, Device Manager, and Control Panel would be my top three if I had to rank Windows 10 features in terms of aesthetic revamp. The storage app was given the attention it deserved, while the other two were ignored. Some individuals go straight to the Control Panel to change any settings, even if they don’t know how to go into the Device Manager.

Microsoft looks to be dismantling this old component rather than reworking it. New options have been included in the Settings app to make it easier to remove the Control Panel from the operating system. Among these possibilities are network discovery, file and printer sharing as well as public folder share.

Screenshot: Phillip Tracy

In the release notes for Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22509, Microsoft explained how the power was transferred:

  • A new Advanced Network Options tab has been created in the Settings app to house advanced sharing settings (such as network discovery, file and printer sharing, and public folder sharing).
  • As a result of these changes to the device-specific pages under Printer & Scanners, we now display additional information about your printer or scanner directly in Settings where applicable.
  • Network and device settings in Control Panel have been redirected to the appropriate pages in Settings.

Links for removing programs and updates that used to take you into the Control Panel now go to the Settings app (Settings > Windows Update > Updation History) instead.

As part of a “ongoing effort to transfer over settings from Control Panel into the Settings app,” Microsoft has said that these new updates are part of this endeavor.

The Control Panel is looking a little bare now that Windows 11’s most significant features are housed in the Settings menu. There are still a few “pro” users who still use the Control Panel, but it’s beginning to seem like Microsoft might soon pull the program off life support without offending the few remaining “professionals.”