A New Low-End Android Go Device Is Now Available With Android 12 Feature Set

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Some of Android 12’s best features are now available on Google’s Go version of Android 12.. image: google

techno.rentetan.com – App hibernation and the Privacy Dashboard are available on Android 12 (Go edition) budget handsets. Android 12’s most notable software features are being brought over to Android 12 in Google’s never-ending effort to get Android phones into the hands of everyone on the planet (Go edition). People who use Android Go, a low-end version of Android that runs on low-cost handsets, will be pleased to hear this news (anything with 2GB of memory or less). Android 12 (Go edition) contains features from Google’s Pixel phones, however they seem to be scaled down to work on the most basic of devices.

On-screen translation, one of Android 12’s most notable features, is coming to Android Go. When an app is released, you’ll be able to opt to have it translated to seem like a website from the recent applications screen on Go devices. In addition, there will be a “listen” button that will allow you to hear a chunk of text read aloud.

Privacy Dashboard is also being rolled out to low-cost Android Go devices. Quickly see which applications have microphone and camera access. When an app is utilizing your microphone or camera, a privacy indication sign will appear in the right-hand corner, much as it does in Android 12.

You may see a privacy dashboard and a privacy indicator in Android 12 (Go edition) on the left and right, respectively. image : google

As an added privacy measure, Android Go will allow you to withhold your specific location while sharing your location with others. Despite the fact that this tool makes use of your location data, it does not provide a precise location.

To provide a “consistently seamless experience” when launching an app, Android Go developers now have access to Android 12’s SplashScreen. According to Google, this should result in a 30 percent quicker boot time and better animations for Android Go devices. With a little software editing, you can get the same experience as on premium phones with high refresh rates, but Android Go isn’t for them.

It is worth noting that Android 12 (Go Edition) has its own set of tweaks and enhancements. When an app has been idle in the background for a lengthy period of time, the OS allows you to put it into automatic hibernation mode to save battery life. This feature should help preserve space on a cheap smartphone, which is already extremely constrained. After freeing some space, you may reclaim files that you’ve deleted using the new Files Go app since it has a 30-day recovery period.

With the new Go edition’s guest profiles, Google made it easy for families or siblings to transfer from one person’s account to another. With the new lock screen feature, you can now quickly wipe a user’s data once they’ve completed their work on the device. Android Go will also allow you to share applications offline via Nearby Share and Google Play if you’re managing several devices or are offline when you get home.

Android Go may not be the most widely used operating system, but Google claims that 200 million people are actively using it. Mobile phone makers that produce Go devices include Motorola, Realme, and Nokia, among others. A large 6,000 mAh battery and a minimum of 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage were just added to the Nokia C30 by its parent company, HMD Global.

Android 12 (Go edition) was released by Google at the end of October, although the firm has announced that the newest features will be made accessible with the release of new Android 12 (Go edition) smartphones in 2022.