Auto Macro Mode on the iPhone 13 Pro may now be disabled, but how?

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Photo: Kicking Studio (Shutterstock) – When your iPhone zooms in on an item, you can no longer use that feature. On the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, Apple pulled off a clever trick; it added a very decent macro feature to the Camera app without even adding a separate macro camera (like Android phones do). A reduced version of the Ultra-Wide camera is automatically activated as you get closer to anything. Genius, yeah, but it’s impossible to govern. At least in my experience, the Macro mode was unpleasant since it limited your ability to take pictures of objects further out from your lens than the maximum distance.

To its credit, Apple has seen the error of its ways and added a dedicated button to the Camera app in iOS 15.2. This feature alone is enough to justify the upgrade, even if there are many other great additions.

In the Camera app, how do you fast turn off the macro mode?

Once you’ve updated to iOS 15.2, open the camera app on your iPhone and move near to a subject. Toggle the camera view and a new yellow Tulip symbol will show on your screen in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Your new Macro mode indication is shown below (this works both in photo and video mode). Macro mode will be deactivated if you tap the Tulip symbol. As a result, the wide-angle lens will be used by the Camera app.

Screenshot: Khamosh Pathak

iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are the only two models that can use this function. However, you may use Halide, a third-party software, to check out Macro mode on earlier iPhone models.

Forever disabling the Macro mode

Something to keep in mind with the Camera app and its settings: they will be reset to default each time you activate it. Macro mode was turned off the last time the software was used. A thankfully-worded option allows you to permanently deactivate the Macro mode.

Go to Settings > Camera > Preserve Settings. This is where you’ll turn on macro control. In order to prevent the Camera app from resetting your settings each time you open it, choose Preserve Settings from the Edit menu. Check out this tutorial for more more information on what we mean by “Preserve Settings”!

Using the Camera app, press the Tulip symbol to deactivate macro mode while you’re near to a subject. You will not be able to use Macro mode again until the next time you open the Camera app.

How to get rid of the Macro button (if you want)

Fans of the previous version of the app will like this choice. From Settings > Camera > Macro Control, you may deactivate the function if you want to use auto-macro mode and don’t want to see the Tulip symbol every time it’s activated, and you’d rather not.

Because of this, the Macro Control option under Preserve Settings will likewise vanish (as the feature will revert to its automatic-switching nature).