Windows PCs Will Get Android Games in 2022

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Screenshot: The Game Awards – Google Play Games will soon allow you to restart games on your PC after leaving them on another device. Mobile gamers who despise being tethered to their phones have an early Google Play games will soon be available on Windows laptops, PCs, and tablets.

At The Game Show Awards on Thursday, Google introduced a standalone Google Play Games launcher for Windows PCs. The new software would enable gamers to quit a game on one device and restart it on another. A Chromebook, Windows PC, or Android phone may all be used without losing data.

The Google-built program plays games locally on your machine, eliminating the need for cloud streaming. Google has just previewed the service in a short video, so several key aspects are still unknown. We do know it will be released in 2022.

Google told Android Authority that Google Play Games is not a joint venture with Microsoft, but rather an autonomous project. Microsoft worked with Amazon earlier this year, not Google, to bring Android applications to Windows 11 PCs.

According to Greg Hartrell, Product Director for Games on Google Play, “Google Play has helped billions of consumers discover and play their favorite games across numerous platforms including smartphones, tablets, and ChromeOS.” “We are excited to broaden our platform enabling gamers to enjoy their favorite Android games even more,” said Google.

Not convinced until Google exposes its intentions to guarantee these games look and perform excellent across a varied variety of Windows computers.