Sony’s Own PS5 Covers Are Finally Available

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Photo: Sony/YouTube (Other) – The “Galaxy Collection” of Sony-branded covers will go on sale next month in five colors. Sony’s controversial two-toned black and white PlayStation 5 exterior quickly drew criticism from gamers. After Sony threatened legal action against PlateStation, another firm, Dbrand, stepped forward to provide a means to personalize the new system (Sony threatened legal action once again). Sony has now launched its own official line of console covers, eliminating the middleman once and for all.

The Galaxy Collection, which comprises Midnight Black, Cosmic Red, Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, and Galactic Purple, will be available to PS5 owners starting next month. Both the PS5 with an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and the PS5 Digital Edition will be able to purchase the $55 covers, according to Sony’s statement.

The news of the console covers’ arrival comes soon after Sony announced the sale of new DualSense wireless controllers in Cosmic Red and Midnight Black. Sony is expected to offer three more controllers in Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, and Galactic Purple for $75 at selected shops starting in January 2022, after the introduction of the new colors.

To install Sony’s own console panels, just remove the obnoxious white covers and click in the new ones. That Sony threatened to sue both firms that sought to steal its revenues is no surprise given the $55 price tag of a detachable panel accessory.

To counteract the speed with which Sony sued PlateStation, the pioneering panel cover bootlegger, Dbrand took a more playful approach, urging the brand to “Go ahead and sue us” on the website for its own Darkplate knockoffs. The business then removed the illegal plates from its online shop in October 2021, after Sony had accepted the request.