In the event that someone impersonates you on Instagram, here’s what you should do

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Photo: AngieYeoh (Shutterstock) – Here’s what you should do if someone on Instagram is impersonating you or someone you know. Is someone stealing my Instagram photos? It’s a more prevalent issue than you would believe. Scammers can use real Instagram profiles to deceive friends and family or to catfish innocent strangers. If you come across an account that seems to be impersonating you or someone you know, you have the option to take action and request that the account be closed.

Scammers may pose as someone else in order to trick their friends and relatives into clicking on dangerous links, supplying them with information, or paying them money. In other cases, a scammer would send a direct message (DM) from an impersonating account, requesting the target to look at a picture they uploaded or to click on a link on another website. The URL might, in fact, be a form that tries to steal account information or automatically download malware.

How to report a fake Instagram account that is impersonating someone else

Starting with confirming that the account is indeed imitating someone by comparing their profile photo and most recent posts to check whether they are emulating the account you believe they are spoofing, you should go to step two. Then, send a direct message to the individual whose account you believe is being impersonated to confirm that the account is not their own. Don’t send any messages to the spoof account. You should report an imposter account to Instagram as soon as you are certain that you have identified one.

Return to the impersonator’s profile and choose the three dots symbol at the top of the screen to complete the process.

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Select Report User from the drop-down menu that appears, which should be towards the top of the list of choices that appears. When you tap “Report,” a selection will appear, allowing you to report the account for the reason “It’s impersonating someone I know.” After that, you’ll be asked to submit some further information, including the identity of the account that you’re spoofing.

Instagram’s support staff will look into the account once it has been reported. Because there is no certainty as to when assistance will respond, it is better to report the account as soon as possible.

No Instagram account? That’s okay! The Instagram Help Center still has a form where you may report impersonator accounts. Following the submission of your complaint, Instagram will seek identification in the form of a selfie and a government identity card.

In the same vein as submitting a complaint via the app, there is no assurance that Instagram help will contact you. It is likely that when they do, they will contact you through the email address you supplied when you filled out the form mentioned above.

What to do when you have reported an Instagram account

Meanwhile, you may alert friends and family members about the infringing account while you are waiting for Instagram support to examine your submission. If the account was impersonating someone other than yourself, it is critical that you contact the person who was impersonated and inform them that they have been impersonated.

Avoid sharing too much personally identifiable information on Instagram, such as your address or phone number, in order to reduce the efficacy of imitation accounts in the future.