Are You Eligible to Purchase AppleCare+ after 60 Days of Ownership?

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Photo: pio3 (Shutterstock) – Do not wait until it’s too late to protect your iPhone, iPad or Mac. You may think that AppleCare+ is a superfluous expense when you first purchase a new Apple gadget that costs a lot of money. This sparkling piece of technology will get the highest attention; you’ll never let it fall into the wrong hands! As soon as you break your iPhone’s display or see how simple it is to do so, you know that you made a terrible mistake. Despite the fact that you may believe it’s too late to insure that product with Apple, you may be in luck.

When AppleCare+ was first introduced, Apple established a limit of 60 days from the date of purchase for joining the service. After a month of using your iPad, you may wish you had purchased AppleCare+. However, if you passed the two-month mark, you’d be denied entry. According to a document received by MacRumors, this is no longer the case.

Is your device eligible for AppleCare+?

If the following requirements are satisfied, your Apple product is qualified for AppleCare+ coverage. A physical examination and diagnostic tests must be performed on your device to ensure it is within the one-year limited warranty period. When it comes to iPhones, broken or damaged screens and glass is the most important factor, regardless of when you purchased the gadget.

However, if your gadget is destroyed, you aren’t completely out of the running. Even if your device has to be fixed, Apple will let you purchase AppleCare+ for it. For example, let’s imagine you have a damaged iPhone display. Out-of-warranty replacement costs are paid by you when you bring it in for repair. Afterwards, you may want to buy AppleCare+ to save money on future repairs.

Your iPhone will have an authentic Apple components check in iOS 15.2, which is scheduled for release shortly. Depending on the results, you’ll either be allowed to purchase AppleCare+ right away or you’ll need to have a non-genuine component replaced in order to get the full benefits of the service.

We’ve discussed before about why AppleCare+ is a great purchase for Apple goods. As a result, fixing an Apple gadget is not only difficult and pricey, but also time consuming and frustrating due to the company’s design decisions. When repairing an equipment becomes too expensive, purchasing their insurance may be your best bet at this point in time.