Should You Open Your Hotel Room Door With an iPhone?

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image : Apple – You can open your hotel room door without using Face ID or Touch ID thanks to a new iOS 15 functionality. Apple wants your iPhone to be the key to everything. If you have a HomeKit door lock, you can use your iPhone and Apple Watch to open your house as well, thanks to its car keys function. Apple is now beginning to roll out support for hotel room keys around the globe.

A partnership with Hyatt is beginning, but it will expand to include other hotels across the world (according to TechCrunch, Apple would not provide any details for hotels that will be coming on board).

For example, the digital key may be used for two things. As a bonus, you don’t have to wait in the lobby for your hotel room to be ready since you’ve already checked in.

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How to add a hotel key to your iPhone’s Wallet application

The World of Hyatt mobile app is required to use this feature at this time. The option to add the booking to the Apple Wallet app will appear once you’ve completed the purchase of your tickets.

After booking, you may add keys to your Wallet, but they won’t be activated until you arrive at the hotel. All of the reservation information will be available to you in the Wallet app after the booking has been made (like the property name, check-in date, check-out date, and more). The reservation number may be found by tapping the three-dot Menu button in the upper-right corner.

You’ll get a notice on your iPhone when the check-in time has arrived and the room is available for you to check in. After that, the room key will be activated, and you may immediately enter your room. The digital keys function utilizes NFC to open the door, so all you have to do is wave your iPhone near the sensor.

There are other hotels that allow you to open a room with your iPhone, or even add the key to your wallet, so this isn’t the first time you’ve been able to access a room with your phone.

The main distinction is that this function leverages Express Transit, the same technology that allows you to touch your iPhone to get on public transportation. That means you don’t have to use Face ID or Touch ID to unlock the hotel room door every time you want to check in.

Despite the fact that it’s handy, this raises concerns regarding safety. If your iPhone is stolen, what will happen to you? We don’t know enough about this new feature yet, but we’ll learn more when people start using it. We trust Apple has taken privacy into consideration.

Is there a downside? It can only be used by one iPhone and one Hyatt account user at a time. A friend or family member can’t have access to the key for you. The key card will be immediately deleted from the Wallet app when you check out. If your iPhone or Apple Watch has iOS 15 or watchOS 8 installed, you’ll have access to Digital Keys.