How to Tell Whether Your iPhone Is Recording You Using This Trick

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Screenshot: Jordan Calhoun – Indicator lights can notify you whether your iPhone camera and microphone are operating in the background by illuminating when they are not. Whether you’ve ever wondered if your smartphone is listening to or watching you, you’re not the first. While your iPhone isn’t completely free of privacy hazards, Apple has included a visual warning whenever your phone is about to record you.

There are two status bar lights that indicate whether one or both of your recording features are active on the iPhone screen. When your device’s microphone is engaged, a yellow or orange-looking dot appears. When your camera (or camera and microphone) is being accessible, you’ll notice a green dot.

With social media applications like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok, the dots will appear if the app has requested access to your phone’s camera; other apps that have done the same will also show up.

Apps can’t use your camera or microphone unless you allow them to

Disabling certain iPhone applications from accessing your camera or microphone may be done in the iPhone’s settings. As a result, certain features of such applications will be restricted. Take a look at your microphone settings in Settings by clicking on Privacy > Microphone. Apps that have requested microphone permission will be listed here. Turn off everything you no longer wish to see.

Screenshot: Emily Long

Turn off any applications you don’t want to use your camera by going to Settings > Privacy > Camera and turning them off. Other app privacy settings like Location Services and picture library access may also be changed at the same time in Settings by scrolling through the list of installed applications and selecting the one you wish to modify.

Not to mention the obvious, your microphone and camera may be activated together with the accompanying indicator light in select Apple applications, like as Voice Memos (and presumably Camera). It’s possible that even after disabling all of the applications mentioned from your recording features, you’re still seeing an orange or green dot on your screen.