Facebook Makes a First Step Towards Making the Metaverse a Realistic Thing

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If you truly want to, you can meditate in the metaverse. screenshot : Horizon Worlds/Meta

techno.rentetan.com – Those who possess a Quest VR headset may now access the Horizon Worlds platform. Only a few individuals have been able to see this vast vision for themselves, despite all the hype from tech titans recently about the future in which we all work and play in the metaverse. Fortunately for you, you now have the ability to: A virtual reality platform called Horizon Worlds has been made available to users of Meta Quest 2 (previously known as Oculus Quest 2—yes, this is unpleasant) headsets by the business formerly known as Facebook.

Like Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse vision, consider Horizon Worlds an early prototype of what it would look like. Quest VR headset and Facebook account are both required to use the site. You may meet up with up to 20 individuals in a virtual environment. In order to engage with other users’ avatars, you first have to create an avatar of your own. Horizon Worlds experiences begin in a place called the Plaza, from which you may explore the worlds and games made by other users of Horizon Worlds.

As a beta project in 2020, Horizon was made available to the public, and early users were able to design their own virtual environments and items. Employees at Meta, according to The Verge, have been working on a library of objects and actions that will be accessible to all users.

If you have a Quest headset, you may now try out Facebook’s metaverse beta, which was previously only available to those who had been invited by the social network. A report of sexual harassment has already been made in Horizon Worlds, and while there are safety tools for blocking avatars you don’t want to interact with, it’s still unclear whether people will behave in polite society or if the anonymity afforded by an avatar will allow for snarky behavior that we see on every other social platform.

Meta presently has “guides,” or “community moderators,” who have been trained to utilize Horizon Worlds and can introduce individuals to different worlds, although those guides likely can’t be in all worlds at once.

Only a few years will pass until the metaverse is fully realized. Users are eager to explore the possibilities of Horizon Worlds, and the capacity to construct new environments is a major selling point. However, users are presently not compensated for their work.

When it comes to whether or not the majority of people will choose to spend their days immersed in a virtual world rather than in the real world, Meta has a long way to go before they can make the VR experience more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Over the following year, the business plans to spend $10 billion on metaverse development.