Before you have to call 911, make a fresh installation of Microsoft Teams

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Photo: CRYSTAL RICKETSON (Shutterstock) – Microsoft Teams might be dangerous if you’re using an Android phone. Everyone loves to make light of the fact that we don’t use our smartphones as genuine phones in the year 2021. But if you’re in an emergency, dialing 911 will still be your first impulse. The fact that you can’t do it with your smartphone is going to be a major issue. There may be some Android users who are unable to make a phone call when it is most necessary because their smartphones have Microsoft Teams installed.

The ability to dial 911 on certain Android devices has been disabled due to a problem

Reddit user KitchenPicture5849 had to contact 911 for their grandma, as can be seen in their post. They dialed 911 on their Pixel 3 but it “got stuck instantly” after only one ring. It was impossible for the user to do anything else except navigate through their applications while the emergency phone call was underway. A dispatcher could not be reached over the phone to verify that their location had been shared with the emergency services.

But that’s not a solution either; every cell phone should be able to reliably dial 911 in any scenario, as KitchenPicture was fortunate enough to use their grandmother’s landline. Since the u/PixelCommunity verified the problem on Pixel smartphones running Android 10 and newer, Google has officially addressed the issue by commenting to the original Reddit post. What’s the reason behind this? The Microsoft Teams app may be accessed even if you are not logged in.

Unable to login in to Teams causes 911 calls to freeze. It’s a strange trigger for an even stranger fault. Regardless of the reason, the problem is genuine and significant. As a solution, Google said Microsoft will shortly provide an Android repair for the Teams app; on Jan. 4, Google will release its own remedy.

On Android, how can this problem be prevented from blocking a 911 call?

Until then, there are things you can do today to prevent this flaw from harming you in the event of an emergency. To begin, make sure you’re logged in to Microsoft Teams on your Android smartphone if you have it. If the software opens to a sign-in page, uninstall it and reinstall it right away. Although deleting and reinstalling the program might temporarily cure the problem, an official remedy is still required, according to Google’s statement. To keep yourself safe while you wait, be prepared in case of an emergency.