Is the Apple Music Voice Plan worth the cost?

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Photo: nikkimeel (Shutterstock) – You can get the Voice Plan for only $4.99 a month, but is it worth it? A commercial-free music streaming service can be yours for only $4.99 per month with Apple Music’s Voice Plan. For the same price (and half the standard price) as Apple Music’s subscription plan for students, it also disables numerous features—including the omnipresent play button and other touchscreen aspects. The only option to control playing is via Siri if you’re using Apple Music on the Voice Plan. Considering the following factors might help you determine whether or not the Voice Plan is right for you.

What is the Voice Plan with Apple Music?

If you don’t mind relying on Siri for all of your Apple Music needs, the new Voice Plan could be a decent option for you. However, if you’re just using the HomePod or the HomePod small for music, it’s not as straightforward a decision. Even with a non-HomePod, you won’t be able to access Apple Music since there are no touchscreen controls.

Is Siri capable of becoming an excellent playback aide?

No doubt about it, Siri is now capable of playing the majority of music without forcing you to repeat your orders several times. However, this is only applicable to songs having English titles. The problem arises when you attempt to play non-English music, such as music from other countries, since Siri still has a lot of work to do. As a non-native English speaker, you may want to think again before subscribing to Siri.

Besides Siri, what else is there to it?

In order to use the Voice Plan, you’ll need an Apple device, such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. In addition, there are no time-synced lyrics, which would have been entertaining if you were attempting to sing along.

Spatial audio and lossless music aren’t included in the Voice Plan. The advantages of spatial audio are strongly dependent on the quality of the track’s mastering, although lossless music isn’t actually that important.

If you choose the Voice Plan, you’ll also have to give up the ability to download music on your Apple devices. However, as long as you only play your music when you have decent internet access, this shouldn’t be a problem for most people who use their music player to commute. Finally, if you want to view what your friends are listening to on Apple Music, that function will be removed.

Can I get Apple Music for less money anywhere else?

Yes! At the present, students may receive the complete Apple Music experience for $4.99 per month if they’re enrolled in an educational institution. With a new Apple device, you receive six months of free access to Apple Music.

Another option to decrease your monthly Apple Music membership fees is to buy the Apple One bundle in bulk and share it with friends and family.

When will the Voice Plan be available on Apple Music?

To make advantage of the Voice Plan, you must have iOS 15.2 installed on your device. This article was written after the release of the iOS 15.2 public beta. The official launch of iOS 15.2 is just days away. If you need it right now, you may join up for the public beta of iOS 15.2. Alternatively, you may wait for it to be made accessible to everyone.