From Gmail, You Can Make a Google Chat Call Right Now

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Photo: Primakov (Shutterstock) – Finally, Google Chat has ditched the “Join” button. It’s possible, but only with the Gmail app. Like Zoom, Google Meet (and Chat) has depended largely on connections, as has Google Drive. With either a joining link or a meeting code, you might make a one-on-one or a group call.

Google Chat is, after all, a business chat software, and if you’re always chatting to the same folks, it might become a little tedious. However, Google has learned its lesson, and you can now conduct one-on-one audio or video conversations using standard buttons, just as you do with Google Duo or WhatsApp. For the time being, there is no word on when this functionality will be rolled out to group calls.

Without a connection, how can you make an instant Google Chat call?

For Google Workspace accounts and personal accounts, this functionality is being rolled out internationally, however the manner Google is implementing this feature may be a little perplexing. The functionality does not operate in the Google Chat app, to begin with. It works in the Gmail app’s Chat section. With the New Meeting button in Google Chat, a call is automatically established in Gmail.

The Chat tab in Gmail is all you need to get started. In the event that you are unable to access the Chat tab, you may have deactivated it in the Settings (perhaps like us, you disabled the Hangouts tab years ago and never looked back). In Settings > Account > Chat, you may turn it on or off.

The two new icons in the toolbar will appear when you first begin a discussion after upgrading to the current version of the Gmail client. Audio and video calls may be made using these devices.


You’ll notice the time stamp on the banner at the top while a call is in progress. After that, you may do other things and return to the call screen by touching the banner. Missed calls will also be shown in the same chat window as other popular chat applications.