Using Android Auto, you can now start your car with your phone

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Anyone who has a vehicle that is compatible with Android’s digital car key functionality may begin using it immediately. Image : Google – Anyone with a BMW that is compatible with Android Auto may now use a digital vehicle key. If you’re using a Google Pixel 6, Pixel Pro, or Samsung Galaxy S21, you can now unlock and start your vehicle using your Android phone—provided you have a BMW that is compatible with Google’s new functionality. It’s a huge day for those of you who fit this exact qualification.

Additionally, Google has been working hard to improve the Android experience in the automobile. A Google Assistant Driving Mode was first introduced to make the in-dash vehicle hub as hands-free as possible, and now it’s delivering even farther.

Starting today, Android Auto will begin receiving a slew of new features from the business. The Android Auto dashboard app will now open automatically when you start your vehicle and have your smartphone handy. A “play” button has also been added to Android Auto’s main screen, which you can press to start playing your favorite music.

The Android Auto interface has also been updated to include Google’s smart answers. This may be less distracting than interacting with the Assistant and dictating a message while driving.

Do you have an urgent message that requires a prompt response? Android Auto users will be able to use Google’s Smart Reply function. Image: Google

The option to use your voice to search for music in other media applications will soon be available as an Android Auto function, since it is now difficult to accomplish while driving. Google Assistant will soon be able to play a song or an artist by tapping the search symbol on the dashboard.

Several Additional Beneficial Changes

Android 12’s Material You design should be a good match for the new Google Photos widgets. Image : Google

Outside of the automobile, Google is also releasing new features for Android. More Android devices with Google Play services running Android 6.0 and above will be able to use the permissions auto-reset feature. If you’re using an older device, this is a nice benefit since it removes remove permissions from any applications that have been inactive for a long time. At the time of its first release, Google only allowed the auto-reset function to be used on Android devices running version 11.

The Family Bell may now be heard around the house without the requirement for Google Assistant-enabled devices. Mobile devices allow you to take scheduled breaks and shift-overs whenever you need them. If just half of the family is expected to adhere to the Family Bell, a softer alarm can be more convenient.

With the Material You look and feel in mind, there are a few new widgets to put on your phone’s home screen for those who appreciate them. Playback settings and the most recently played music may be found in the YouTube Music widget. Google is also planning to release a new Play Books widget next week that will enable you to access your collection of books and audiobooks. For those of us who have been using Android for a long time, it’s great to see the Play Books widget finally making it into the widget roster. Using the Google Photos widget, you may reminisce about the past while listening to your “I’m Feeling Sad” playlist on the same screen. It’s coming together.