Reports claim Sony is developing an Xbox Game Pass competitor for PlayStation.

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Photo: Gizmodo – It’s possible that the monthly subscription service may be live as early as the spring of next year. According to a Bloomberg story, Sony is working on a subscription service for PlayStation players that may compete with Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, which has a library of more than 2,000 titles.

Online multiplayer gaming, two PS4 games a month, and a limited library of older titles are included with PlayStation Plus, but PlayStation Now customers may stream and download older titles. According to a comparison between Xbox Game Pass and the Xbox Game Store, Game Pass customers may access hundreds of older Xbox games and newer Microsoft-published titles as they are launched. In comparison to Xbox Game Pass, which has more than 18 million subscriptions, PlayStation Now only has a little more than 3 million customers.

Sony’s forthcoming PlayStation subscription service, codenamed Spartacus, would provide customers with access to a library of old games as well as more recently published titles, according to Bloomberg and anonymous individuals familiar with Sony’s plans. With this new service, Sony’s present PlayStation Now service will be phased down and replaced with PlayStation Plus, according to the papers cited.

the PS4 and PS5, both of which are still hard to come by, will be supported, according to Bloomberg’s sources. Documents show Spartacus will have three levels of access, but the specifics aren’t yet determined. Third, “longer demonstrations, game streaming and a library of vintage PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP titles” would be included with the first two.

While there’s no lack of demand for PlayStation 5, Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass subscription service is eating away at the PS5’s monthly income, which is good news for the firm. Spartacus may be the straw Sony needs to begin sipping Microsoft’s milkshake.