Because, c’mon, why not have Spider-Man and The Rock join forces in Fortnite?

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Image: Epic Games – Next part of the game delivers new planet to discover and heroes to become. Unfortunately, Nintendo chose the phrase “everyone is here!” for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate rather of “everyone is here!” for Fortnite. A day after the online gaming hoax of IP ended yesterday, Chapter Three, featuring the greatest celebrity on the globe right now: Spider-Man, has re-started itself today.

Chapter Two’s wallcrawler is now a playable character if you purchase the battle pass, and The Daily Bugle is a place you may visit on the game’s brand-new island. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like J. Jonah Jameson’s podcast will be there to provide commentary on your every move.) A game that doesn’t allow you swing as Spider-Man is as good as not include him at all, thus Chapter Three incorporates swinging elements to help you move about more quickly.

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Spider-Man isn’t the only new character coming to the game. It was revealed in the sixth season of Chapter Two that The Foundation, a heavily armored figure, is spoken and based by Dwayne Johnson. Johnson, Marcus Fenix, and Kait Diaz from the Gears of War series will all be battle pass items in the future. On the one hand, he’s a slick as hell, and yet he’s also in Fortnite. It seems like we’re getting closer and closer to a Fortnite movie reality with the pricey CG clip announcing his arrival into the game. You can see it in the video embedded below.

Watching this all unfold as a narrative set piece is an incredible experience, as it has been with the previous several Fortnite events. Even for someone who has only had a passing acquaintance with the game, there is a palpable feeling of closure when the players watch as the Cube Queen and the Pyramid are both demolished and the island is turned upside down. Fans of Fortnite will have enough to look forward to over the next year or two, what with a brand-new island to explore.