Spotify Wrapped Is Here Again!

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Photo: Spotify – It’s time to brace yourself for a barrage of Instagram story shares. On December 1, you know what that means: it’s the beginning of the year. As Spotify Wrapped prepares to give its annual year in music assessment, the torrent of social media posts from pals being roasted by the app for their listening habits is fast approaching.

One of Spotify’s newest features called Wrapped compiles all of the most popular artists, songs, and podcasts from the previous year into a single display for the holiday season. What this means is that you’re more miserable and predictable than you thought, which causes a type of existentialist fear that prompts individuals to “sarcastically” broadcast their findings on Twitter and Instagram.

This year’s Wrapped includes all of Spotify’s typical story-card formats, including Your Top Songs and Your Artists Revealed. There are also service-wide rankings for the Top Tracks and Top Artists.

For those who want to spice up and customize their listening experience, two additional features have been added: With this year’s “2021: The Movie” soundtrack, fans may imagine they’re the main character with stereotypical movie sequences like “confessing your love in the rain” and “training montage” assigned to their favorite songs. “Your Audio Aura,” a new card in the 2021 set, couples two adjectives (such as “wistful,” “bold,” and “euphoric”) with the listener’s preferred listening method.

For the first time, Spotify users may now now post their Wrapped results on TikTok, which is a popular video-sharing app.

For the third year in a row, Bad Bunny has been Spotify’s most-streamed artist worldwide, with 9.1 billion streams, according to Spotify’s Wrapped announcement. Olivia Rodrigo’s “drivers license” and the accompanying album, SOUR, both took the top spots in the worldwide song and album categories.

Wrapped 2021 by Spotify isn’t accessible on the desktop version of the Spotify app, but it is available on iOS and Android. Once again, you’ll find yourself listening to more Taylor Swift than you expected.