Is your money safe from Facebook Messenger?

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image: facebook – With “Split Payments,” the app is testing out a feature that enables you to split and pay for shared costs. For some time now, I’ve struggled to see Facebook Messenger as a medium for making payments. When I don’t post on Facebook for a long, my relatives, uncles, and high school pals flood my inbox with messages. There’s little doubt that Messenger will happily handle my money if I give it permission.

A new “Split Payments” function for Facebook Messenger was unveiled in a press release on Friday. If you’re dividing expenditures with friends, roommates, colleagues, or anybody else, this is a great method to keep track of and pay for them all at once. You may use Split Payments to establish a shared expenditure, divide the bill equally between two people, or change the proportion that each person makes. You may also choose whether or not to include yourself in the cost.

Sending a payment request through Messenger, receiving money via Facebook Pay (the company’s equivalent of Venmo), and transferring it to your bank account are all possible after all of your information is stored in the app.

Group meals, shared household bills, and even monthly rent payments will soon be simpler to divide, the Facebook Messenger team said in a press release.

Split Payments were not explained in great depth by the firm. As can be seen from the advertising picture, it’s intended for usage in Messenger group conversations only. The ability to divide a bill evenly between two people is currently accessible via Facebook Pay on Messenger, although it isn’t clear whether this option will be available in these situations.

My credit card information isn’t exactly enticing me to provide Messenger my credit card information because of Facebook’s or Meta’s track record on privacy, data mining, and more. I’ve already indicated that Messenger isn’t positioned in my brain in that manner. That being said, I have other applications that I can rely on when it comes to managing my finances. Multi-factor authentication and excellent customer service make them more secure.

Split Payments will begin testing in the United States next week. In order to use the functionality, there will be no cost. It’s unclear when the function will be available to everyone in the United States or whether it will be available worldwide.