It’s now possible to save private images in a locked Google Photos folder on any Android smartphone

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Now, the Google Photos Locked Folder may be found on non-Pixel smartphones. Photo: Florence Ion / Gizmodo – As of this writing, the functionality is available for non-Pixel devices, but Apple’s iPhones will have to wait. To keep images safe from prying eyes, Google released a new feature for Pixel owners during the summer. You guessed it: the featured is named Everything in the “Locked” folder is secured by the device’s lock screen passcode. A picture that has been locked will not be accessible in any of the applications that have access to the camera roll, such as the Photos grid or Memories.

OnePlus and Samsung smartphones are now receiving Google’s drive to bring the functionality to additional non-Pixel-based gadgets. An alert in the notification shade may even appear. Earlier this week, I received a notice on my OnePlus 9, which indicates that the update is now being sent out.

To determine whether you have the Locked Folder, go to Google Photos, touch on Library, and then pick Utilities from the menu that appears. To set up a Locked Folder on your smartphone, you may have to navigate through a few steps.

There are no online backups for locked folders, so everything you put in there will live and die with the actual device. That data might be lost if you delete Google Photos within this time period.

Pixel smartphone users may keep their shot photos in the Locked Folder rather than on their camera roll. This feature is only available on Pixel devices. Non-Google devices, on the other hand, may be unable to make use of this feature. The OnePlus 9 lacks the ability to take a picture straight into the Locked Folder since it utilizes the OnePlus-developed camera software.

Set up a Locked Folder immediately if you have access to it. Storage for sensitive documents such as a driver’s license or social security number is made easy with this device. iOS devices are expected to get the Locked Folder in the near future.