Google’s Pixel Watch Could Actually Be Happening

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Will a Wear OS-powered Pixel Watch be Android’s answer to the Apple Watch? Photo:┬áVictoria Song / Gizmodo – For the first time, Google is said to be working on its own wristwatch. Rumors about a Google-made Android wristwatch have been circulating for years, and a recent story suggests that it may finally be coming to fruition.

After Google’s acquisition of Fitbit was completed earlier this year, many believed that a Pixel-branded wristwatch would be developed instead of a Fitbit-branded one. Since Google’s Pixel smartphones serve as a showcase for what other Android phone manufacturers can do with the company’s software, we may expect the watch to follow like.

In Google’s headquarters, the smartwatch is known as “Rohan,” which is fine. As opposed to the Apple Watch, which is rectangular, this one is circular and does not have a real bezel to hold on to. Basic fitness monitoring capabilities like step counts and a heart rate monitor are likely to be included, along with additional Fitbit-inspired options. A device named “Nightlight” is mentioned in the Insider story, but its internal codename reveals nothing about what it may perform.

No word yet on whether the Pixel Watch is the name of this watch. Several leakers, including Jon Prosser, have also used the codename “Rowan” to describe Google’s wristwatch, which was supposedly leaked in April (though who knows if those are legit).

Google’s wearables section has undergone a major makeover in the last several years. Even though a Pixel Device looked likely at one time due to the acquisition of Fossil technology by Fitbit, the watch has never been released. For the first time in recent memory, Google renamed the Android-based Wear OS software platform and collaborated with Samsung to bring the latter’s watches back to Wear OS. Smartwatches running the new Wear OS, including the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, are now available to test out. Increasing sales of the watch have contributed to boost Android’s wearables market share over the previous few months.

However, none of these is sufficient to make a difference. In order to compete with the Apple Watch, which has dominated the market for years and has transformed smartwatches from basic phone accessories into full-blown health gadgets, Google will need to offer something distinctively different.

Google is going to put a lot of emphasis on the health and fitness benefits of its data. As part of a reorganization to focus on other health projects, the business abolished its health division in September. For the first time this year at Google I/O (and then again in an interview with The Verge), Google’s director of hardware, Rick Osterloh, hinted that the firm will be combining its consumer health efforts under Fitbit. We can only hope that they weave an Android smartwatch worth wearing.