It’s Finally Possible to Play YouTube in the Background on a Mobile Device With This Extension

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Photo: Jake Peterson – Playback without ads, without tracking, and in the background: Youtube needs to operate in a fashion like this. YouTube on a mobile device has never been a perfect experience.. Instead of being free to keep videos playing in the background as when using YouTube on a computer, YouTube on a mobile device is generally tied to the app or website that is being used. As far as ad-free viewing is concerned, you’ll need to pay for YouTube Premium regardless of the device you’re using. If you don’t choose a different path.

The majority of your YouTube issues may be solved with vinegar

A new YouTube plugin called Vinegar has arrived on the App Store for for $1.99. It’s a free plugin that works on iPhones, iPads, and Macs and addresses a number of the streaming service’s most common issues.

To begin with, Vinegar removes all in-video advertisements. Despite the fact that advertising are a vital source of money for many YouTube video providers, they may be aggravating and targeted. Vinegar’s built-in ad-blocking feature makes it easy to avoid annoying pop-ups and other advertisements.

Vinegar, on the other hand, prevents YouTube from monitoring your playback, pause, and search activity. You’re not alone if you’re wondering, “uh, YouTube logs my play, pause, and search activities?” Even if we weren’t aware of it, the fact that Google and YouTube are snooping on us is alarming.

It also brings back picture-in-picture to mobile YouTube. Even if you use the online version of YouTube on Safari, the site normally limits picture-in-picture on iOS to YouTube Premium subscribers. You can avoid this problem by using Vinegar, which allows you to keep your YouTube window open while you go between other programs.

How about you? It also allows you to go audio-only, as Vinegar lets you keep video playing in the background while Safari is running in the front. That means you can now go about your day while listening to music on YouTube, or you can swiftly move between applications without pausing your video’s audio. It’s as near as we’re going to come to viewing YouTube on a PC, and that’s saying a lot.

Screenshot: Jake Peterson

Switching between Safari tabs or locking your phone won’t continue video playback; instead, you must choose “Audio” from the right-most side of the video quality selections at the playback window’s top in order to keep it going.

Do Vinegar and YouTube have any drawbacks?

Yes. The only drawback is that Vinegar doesn’t support 4K or HDR at this moment. In certain cases, this may not be an issue since YouTube only supports 1080p resolution on non-4K devices. However, for Macs and compatible iPhones and iPads, this is a disappointment. It’s possible that And a Dinosaur may one day support 4K HDR playback.

How to get Vinegar for iOS, iPad, and Mac

Vinegar is available for $1.99 on the Mac, iPhone, and iPad App Stores. In comparison to the cost of a month’s subscription to YouTube Premium, this is a terrific deal: