Before taking a picture, your Pixel will now wait till everyone is smiling

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Photo: Flamingo Images (Shutterstock) – Be a picture-taking hero at your next major event by using the “Auto” option. The ideal group shot has been a goal for as long as cameras have been around. After putting the camera on a tripod and starting the timer, you return to the audience, yell “Cheese!” and pray no one looks away. Everyone does that, and you have to take the picture all over again unless you have a phone that can automatically capture the picture at the appropriate moment.

An explanation of the Pixel’s “Auto” timer

It is possible to snap a great group photo, or at least as many chances as you want, using Google’s Pixel phones. After analyzing the group, your Pixel will wait for everyone to gaze ahead and smile. Finally, the camera will take a picture.

There is no need to set a long-enough timer to ensure that you will be back in time for the shot; it merely snaps when you are ready. However, if everyone in the group grins before you arrive, the camera could snap a picture without you. However, there will be lots of additional opportunities for you to get a shot in the final product (more on that later).

Only the selfie camera is capable of employing this function, thus there is a possible drawback. Now, your Pixel’s front-facing camera is probably amazing, but a smartphone’s back-facing camera (or cameras) are nearly always superior. There’s no harm in using the back camera for a group shot, but you won’t be able to utilize the auto timer option.

How to take a group picture using Pixel

A good phone is obviously required to make this work. So far, it seems like this function is only available on the Pixel 3 and later models. Switch to the front camera on your Pixel’s camera app to activate it. To switch to “Auto” mode, choose the Timer symbol with a “A” next to it by pressing the up arrow on the top of the display. Your Pixel will then automatically snap a selfie when all of the people in it are smiling.

You won’t be able to stop your subjects from blinking, since the auto timer takes a picture as soon as it deems that they’re smiling. To be fair, it doesn’t seem to take into consideration how open your eyes are. As long as everyone is still smiling, the auto timer will continue snapping images every two seconds or so. This is the opposite side of this fantastic function. Holding the position for a few minutes will give you several alternatives to choose from.