The Spotify Car View Feature Has Been Discontinued, and There Is No Other Option for Users

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Photo: Lionel Bonaventure / AFP (Getty Images) – There are new approaches to improve the in-car listening experience that are being researched by the corporation. Car View users are out of luck until it finds them. I’m sorry to tell you that Spotify’s Vehicle View function isn’t a bug if you suddenly discovered it gone when you got into your car. More than a month after Spotify first hinted at the death of its Car View feature, the company seems to have just lately begun to implement it on a large scale.

It was discovered by Android Police that Spotify was discontinuing support for Car View in mid-October, and the information was corroborated by a business administrator on the Spotify community forums. Playback controls, song names, and larger buttons made it easier to use Spotify while driving. The functionality was made accessible on Spotify’s iOS and Android apps.

On its forums in October, Spotify’s moderator said that the firm was “exploring a number of different approaches to give the greatest in-car listening experience” when a user couldn’t access Car View. People who utilized Car View and hoped expecting a successor or comparable function from the corporation are out of luck until then.

The moderator commented, “We can confirm that we’re discontinuing the automobile view function.” “However, this does not imply that we do not aim to enhance the way our consumers listen to Spotify while driving. The reverse is true: We’re always looking for new methods to improve the listening experience in the automobile. Retiring car-view in order to create space for future inventions is a good thing.” “

This isn’t all: A separate administrator responded to a similar post on the community forums three weeks ago to say that Android’s “in-car Now Playing View” is also being phased out.

I believe it would have been simpler if they had just made a list of all the things they were removing from the cars.

One of Spotify’s moderators advised that customers utilize Google Assistant for hands-free music control, despite the fact that Spotify didn’t provide options for Car View. As an example, they referred to the ability to control music playing on Google Maps for iOS and Android devices. Even if Google Maps’ answer doesn’t actually benefit consumers who were expecting for something with huge control buttons like Car View (Google Map’s playback controls are smaller than in Spotify’s now-dead function).

Customers who wrote on the business’s Community Forum thread expressed their anger at Spotify’s decision to remove an important function without providing an alternative. They also accused the firm of trying to sell its $80 smart device player for automobiles, Car Thing, on them. Removing it would encourage hazardous driving, according to those who opposed the change.

As various individuals and media outlets have noted, I agree with their sentiments. When Spotify went off “exploring” new and improved features, it didn’t keep Car View running. Taking removing a function that your users have become used to and without providing them with an alternative is just plain disrespectful. Spotify, you’ve got a bad reputation.