These Wireless Earbuds have 360 Hours of Battery Life thanks to a Massive Charging Case

by - – You don’t have to recharge your music player for more than two weeks. The battery life of wireless earphones has steadily increased over the years as components have become smaller and more energy efficient. The Hypersonic 360 wireless earphones, on the other hand, offer 360 hours of battery life and need similarly large pockets if you intend on spending a few weeks in the woods without access to a power outlet.

When it comes to the battery life of wireless earbuds, charging cases are a Band-Aid solution. However, they also prevent your little investments from disappearing the next time you reach for your buds in your pocket or purse.

Other technical methods have been used to increase the battery life of wireless earbuds further, such as swappable magnetic batteries that quadruple runtimes, but the Hypersonic 360 use an altogether new approach to achieve the best battery life we’ve seen to far. What’s better than a charging case that’s small enough to fit in a purse? Put it out of your mind.

Using the Hypersonic 360’s magnetic charging case, you can charge your iPhone at the same time as you adhere it to the back of your smartphone. Battery capacity is not specified, but it promises to recharge a dead smartphone to 50% capacity in around 25 minutes or power a pair of wireless earphones embedded in the bottom for 360 hours, according to the company’s claims. Over two weeks, or nearly a year, if you merely listen to music or podcasts for an hour a day, that’s a lot of juice.

These wireless earbuds start at $139, so we don’t expect them to be among the finest sounding on the market, but they do have a “Hyper Definition Spatial Engine” that aims to replicate Apple’s Spatial Audio capability. There are four sets of silicone ear tips supplied with the earbuds that may be used to create a tight seal in the ears to reduce noise, however this is done passively by using the earbuds for only five minutes of charging to provide an hour of playback duration.