How to Make Your Google Home Hub Use Less Power

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Photo: Yasin Hasan (Shutterstock) – Many of your “smart” home devices can be tracked and reduced in energy use. You may be concerned about how much energy you use because of the rising number of gadgets in our homes. With a technology like a Google Home Hub, you can better manage your energy usage and seek for methods to reduce it, even if there is no ideal answer or one-size-fits-all strategy. Despite the fact that not all of your smart home devices are compatible with the hub, it serves as a central control panel for many of them, giving you greater control over when and how much electricity you use.

You can use the Google Home Hub in three ways to keep tabs on your energy use and save costs as a result.

Make use of a smart thermostat in conjunction with your Google Home Hub.

If you have a smart thermostat that is compatible with Google Home, you can monitor how much energy your heating and cooling system is using. Tap the thermostat’s symbol or name on your Google Home Hub if your thermostat and Google Home Hub are linked. To see a breakdown of your energy use by day, week, or month, visit the Energy Dashboard. To learn more about how long your heating and cooling systems were running at a certain time period, you may look at the graph and tap on Energy History Details.

You may use this information to figure out when to lower the temperature in your home to save energy, and you can then configure your thermostat to follow the new schedule from the Hub.

Make use of intelligent light bulbs.

Google Home Hub’s smart lightbulbs are another option to conserve electricity. It’s more costly to buy Google Home-compatible bulbs, but you can manage them from your Hub and schedule lights to turn on and off at certain times.

Using the Hub’s Routines menu, choose Add a Routine and follow the prompts. Specify the time of day, the day of the week, and your preferred speaker. Input the desired light settings and the actions you wish to trigger by selecting Add Action > Popular Actions. Your lights will automatically switch on and off when your schedule is set. (Also, if you’d want to see how much energy the Hub is using, you can do it there as well.)

Keep an eye out for other technological devices.

In addition to smart thermostats and lightbulbs, you can also monitor how much energy each linked item is using. Your Hub’s screen will display a symbol for each connected device that you may tap. You can see how much electricity they’re utilizing from there. Despite the fact that not all devices have the ability to manage how much energy they use, measuring their consumption might reveal which gadgets may be worth reducing their use of.

Keeping in mind that the Hub itself uses energy, you should decrease the screen’s brightness and turn the screen off when you aren’t in use.