Clippy has been resurrected by Microsoft in Windows 11’s Emoji Game

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Image: Microsoft – Those 3D emojis Microsoft promised to bring to Windows 11 aren’t going to be there after all. One of Microsoft’s best-known and most-loved products has been revived. Clippy, Microsoft’s cheery paperclip, has been revived as part of a new set of emojis for Windows 11, but it won’t enhance your grammar or help you compose a message.

Clippy and its eerie googly eyes have been included to the Windows 11 operating system as part of a new optional upgrade that the firm is beginning to roll out. Microsoft’s Fluent Design language, which emphasizes bright colors, translucent backgrounds, and depth, is the inspiration for these 1,888 new icons.

In addition to the reintroduction of Clippy, Microsoft has ditched the 3D emojis it had previously shown off, instead opting for a more standard 2D look. 2D emojis appear like they belong on a modern OS, but the 3D symbols we predicted would have given Microsoft an advantage in the top emoji rankings.

Windows 11 only has the new emoji style, which is 2D, Microsoft said in an updated blog post from July. Emojis for Windows 10 clients are still available, “We still have a variety of emojis available.”

Image: Microsoft

How did the 3D versions go awry? As Microsoft spokesmen told Windows Central, the issue isn’t one of technology so much as one of Microsoft’s inability to effectively convey information. The 3D emojis were meant to be used just in programs that supported them, not the whole Windows 11 operating system. This means that in addition to Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Office, the flattened 2D emojis will remain on the OS.

Microsoft’s (unsurprising) lack of attention to Windows 10 makes things much worse. Those who aren’t ready for Windows 11 or don’t have a compatible PC will have to use the old emojis.

The new emoji will be available to Windows 11 customers who install the optional November 2021 Windows 11 preview update. In order to check for updates, go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and click “Check for updates.” The new icons may be found in the emoji picker by pressing Windows + period key once the extension has been installed.